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Vanguard Home Designs is proud to be the only certified LeafProof installer in the Manhattan KS vicinity. We met a wonderful couple at the local Home Show whom we then provided a LeafProof Gutter Guard Protection System around their entire Wamego home. We have always been happy with your product and on this particular job the customer was able to provide us a Video testimonial along with a picture to demonstrate our fine work using your product. I wanted to use this testimonial for my company to also be used as extension of a testimonial to your company and product. Please visit our Manhattan Wamego KS Gutter Guard Protection by LeafProof Testimonial for the full story. Thanks for your continued relationship and fine product.

Jim Hund
Vanguard Home Designs

Dear Steve,

Just wanted to let you know how much we have enjoyed this fall weather – thanks to you and your wonderful LeafProof® Gutter system. every other year for ten years, we have spent countless time and energy cleaning out gutters – especially every time we heard that it “might rain.” Living in this area (with all the trees) is wonderful, but does have some disadvantages. Now that you have installed the gutter covers, we love the trees and the fall weather more than ever. The combination of the siding (which you installed) and the LeafProof® gutter covers has given us much more free time.

We have told all our neighbors about the products, and they will probably be contacting you for similar installations.

Thanks again, Steve, and keep up the good work.

Jerry and Mary Ann S.

Dear Leafproof,

This unsolicited letter is being written to commend your company on a product that is true to its name and has saved us thousands of dollars in building maintenance repairs and labor costs.

Our community, Kings Croft Condominium Associations, in Cherry Hill, New Jersey consists of 51 buildings housing 351 two- and three-story-high, attached side-by-side townhouse style homes.

Surrounding these buildings are large deciduous trees, which – until we discovered and installed your Leafproof® Gutter Guards – caused us perpetual and expensive gutter and building maintenance issues. Specifically, gutters and downspouts constantly filling with leaves, pine needles, pine cones, bird nesting materials and other debris causing the gutters not only to clog and overflow, but to actually pull away from the building. In the winter months, clogged gutters, combined with freezing rain, sleet and melting snow also caused ice damming problems. In addition, these conditions cause expansion of the downspouts, which then cause the downspout seams to “split open.”

We began utilizing your product in 1999 and have not experienced any gutter, downspout or ice damming problems on any buildings where this product has been installed. Needless to say, we are extremely pleased with the effectiveness of your product thus saving time and material cost. In addition, due to the height (approx. 35 feet) of our buildings, maintenance personnel safety issues have also been eliminated for once the panels are installed, there is no need to return to this area.
Thank you,

Peggy B.
Kings Croft Property Manager

I moved into my new home in May of 2001 and in April 2002 water was overflowing the gutters. I had to remove the downspouts and clean the tulip poplar seeds and leaves out.

My house is a two story house so I was only able to clean out the first level gutters. I did not have a ladder tall enough, and even if I did, I was not going to climb that high. Since my house is situated with woods on two sides, I knew I was going to have serious moisture problems if I did not do something about my gutters. I responded to an advertisement in the local paper for a handyman. I wanted someone to install some type of guard over the gutters to prevent leaves and seeds from stopping them up. The handyman referred me to Derek Wasser with All About Gutters, Inc.

I had Mr. Wasser come and measure my gutters and give me an estimate. I then did my own research on gutter protection and at one point I contacted the manufacturer of the Leafproof® Gutter Protection System. I still was not 100 % sold on the idea that the gutter protection system would work as described in their brochure. I was somewhat skeptical that leaves and debris would be carried away by the wind while the rain entered the gutters. I wondered about the leaves blowing off the trees in the fall. But, Nevertheless, I decided to purchase the Leafproof® Gutter Protection from Mr. Wasser. My dealings with Mr. Wasser were very professional and he answered all my questions.

After the work was completed he returned to make some minor adjustments on the end caps that I thought might allow leaves or small birds to enter the enclosed system.

Today, after two years and one month and numerous storms and one hurricane late, my skepticism has ended. Mr. Wasser returned at my request and removed three Leafproof® sections over three different downspouts and allowed me to inspect them. I did not see a single tree seed, leaf or any other debris in the gutter or the downspout. One of the sections I had him remove was from my utility shed which sits directly under several trees at the wood’s edge. I have seen the roof covered with leaves on several occasions, but if they entered the gutters, they were carried away.

Based on my experience with Leafproof® Gutter Protection System I happily endorse it and Mr. Wasser and All About Gutters, Inc.

Charles H.
King George Va.